Linen shawl

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100% linen shawl handwoven on a wooden loom that combines chocolate and mustard colors in two cleanly delimited areas along the entire length of the piece.

Dimensions: 60 x 226 cm

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This shawl belongs to a series of pieces that have in common the measures, the fringe, and the color and material of the warp and that differ in the fiber, color of the weft, and in the weave or “knit” with which they have been woven, which clearly influences the final texture of each one of them.

Although it is conceived for its size (60 x 226 centimeters plus bangs) to be used as a shawl, because of its weight and thickness it can also be used as a scarf, giving it a couple of turns around the neck, changing its appearance with the way you wear it. Making it a much more versatile garment.

To make a fringe of this type we count and separate by hand the same number of threads each time, twist and knot them, so we get the same thickness and the same length in all of them. We like this type of fringe because, although it is more laborious to make, it is easier to maintain: when washing it does not tangle and it only needs a light ironing to be as good as new. The length of each fringe, 13 centimeters, and the final knot give continuity to the movement of the shawl itself and, on a personal level, we love to play with them between our fingers.

The warp is made of linen, a natural and sustainable fiber that is grown organically without pesticides or fertilizers, as it is highly resistant to pests and is processed without the use of hazardous or environmentally harmful chemicals.

The pieces we weave with linen respond very well to the passage of time, softening and adapting with use and washing.

It combines chocolate and mustard colors in two cleanly delimited areas along the entire length of the piece that allow you to place it in different ways to use it at your convenience depending on the clothes you wear, just by folding it you can hide one color under the other, adding a twist to show a different color on each of your shoulders or bring the tone that best suits you closer to your face. If you are able to play with these two shapes and their colors, you will see the game it can give you.

This is the only shawl knitted with a chocolate linen weft and what we have achieved with it is that it is the darkest piece of all. The chocolate stripe is darker and more intense, and the mustard part is nuanced by varying the tone depending on how the light falls on it.