Alpaca shawl

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Short text: Charcoal-gray alpaca shawl, hand-woven on low-warp loom. With hand-knotted and twisted 5 cm bangs. Very warm piece that can be used both as a scarf and as a shawl.

Dimensions: 47 x 194 cm (excluding bangs)

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We love this garment because it has two uses, it can be worn as a scarf or as a shawl because it has measures that are neither too much nor too little for either option.

You can use it as a scarf by closing the collar of your warm garment when you walk in the street, if it is cold. Or wear it as a shawl (because it is) over a blouse or a light jacket when one of those days when the coat is too much and the jacket is not enough.

It is charcoal gray, that shade of gray that combines with everything, that can be worn with the most serious or the most casual garment, and that, nobody knows how, but always brings a plus.

This piece, which is hand-woven on a low-warp handloom, is very pleasant to the touch, silky and comfortable because it is made of 100% alpaca.

Alpaca is a fiber from the hair of alpacas (“cousins” of vicuñas and llamas) very resistant and warm that is obtained without animal abuse and without using chemicals that harm your body or the environment.

So when we finish weaving it, knotting the bangs and finishing it off, we wash it by hand with ecological soap and hang it in the shade to dry without haste, so when you have to wash it we recommend you do the same: treat it with care, use a good soap, iron it at medium temperature and that’s it: it will last you a long time.

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