Linen scarf

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Hand-woven linen scarf in traditional loom and hand-dyed with indigo. Finished with twisted and hand-knotted bangs. With a size and color valid for both men and women.

Dimensions: 46 x 196 cm (excluding bangs)

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For this scarf to have the look you see in the picture we have worked with two traditional techniques: weaving and handmade dyeing.

The first is the weaving: from linen fiber, and after making all the calculations to be done, cutting the threads (ten for each cm width), placing them on the loom, threading them in order on the heddles and the comb and making the heddle and treadle connections, we have woven the fabric in ecru color. We have finished the joints, twisted and tied the bangs, washed by hand and dried in the drying line.

The second is the dyeing: in the washing and dyeing area of our workshop we have prepared the pots to put on the fire, controlled the temperatures, times and mixtures (we have used natural indigo extracted from the indigofera tinctorum plant). We previously prepare the woven linen for dyeing, applying the shibori, which is an ancient dyeing technique, born in Japan in the seventh century, which means to tighten, tie, twist, it is to reserve certain areas of the fabric to prevent them from being dyed and dip it in that bath until reaching the tone we are looking for. Once this process is finished, we wash the piece by hand until the wash water comes out clean, a sign that it will not fade or stain our skin or clothes.

The result is this: a background of blue tones that is marked by small white dice.

All this on a fabric, linen, that with the passage of time, use and washing will age like fine wines, improving.

And with a thickness and size that allows you to wear it in winter, tightly wrapped around your neck and in summer as a light shawl that leaves a trail behind you.

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