Linen scarf

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100% linen scarf hand-woven on a wooden loom, hand-dyed and printed with natural leaves with botanical printing technique. Of 46 x 196 cm and bangs twisted and knotted by hand.

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This linen scarf combines three techniques: artisanal weaving, natural dyeing and the botanical printing technique or ecoprint.

We wove it by hand, on a low-warp loom, which is the loom where you weave sitting down, stepping on the pedals with your feet, and passing the shuttle from one hand to the other. With flax, a natural and sustainable fiber due to its organic cultivation without pesticides or fertilizers, as it is highly resistant to pests and is processed without the use of dangerous or environmentally harmful chemicals.

The pieces we weave with linen respond very well to the passage of time, softening and adapting with use and washing.

After weaving, we dye it by hand with iron oxide, which gives it that warm background tone that in each piece is of different intensity, because we dye them one by one and the small variations of time and temperature have their effect on the final result.

We went out to collect leaves to use them in the botanical printing process (consisting of using the natural pigments of the leaves and flowers) and we got what you see: a unique and unrepeatable printing, because even if we used the same type of plants again and placed them in a similar position, the result would be completely different, as it depends on many factors: the dyeing power of each plant, the time it has been collected, the type of fabric…

Like most of our pieces, it is hand washed with organic soap and dried in the shade, and we have found that it does not fade or stain. So, you see, you can wash it this way as many times as you need.

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