Recycled rubber briefcase

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Briefcase made with fabrics woven on our looms with linen and recycled bicycle inner tube rubber. Large capacity and multiple uses.

Dimensions: 46 x 33 x 27 cm

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This bag is a reinterpretation of the classic briefcase that always accompanies doctors in movies and novels of a certain era and from them we take its pyramidal shape, its large capacity and its handles.

It is a unique bag, functional, resistant, handmade from start to finish, with large capacity, sober and with a touch of color that makes it different and fun, which can be used in any context: going to yoga or the gym, to a weekend getaway or to take your yorkshire, for example, for a walk.

It is woven on our looms with linen and recycled bicycle inner tubes, from which we have previously removed the valve, washed and cut lengthwise into strips by hand, leaving in view the letters and numbers that correspond to the manufacturer and the type of tubes that gives it its uniqueness.

It has two handles, hand-knitted and then made with needle and thread. One is in black and the other in Klein blue to match the bag’s mouth, which is also in two colors.

The zipper is reused from a rafting wetsuit and conveniently adapted to the case, giving it a comfortable and secure closure.

Inside it has two black felt pockets, one wide and the other narrower to hold your wallet and phone, and a strap with a small silver metal carabiner to find your car or house keys at once.

The lining is made of ecru cotton with a blue leaf and flower print from our collection of vintage fabrics from the eighties.

It is a very special piece, and if when you see it, it fits in your life, but it is out of stock, don’t worry, we make it to order. Contact us and we will discuss the details: color of the handles, shades of the lining…

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