Linen and rubber bag

 175,00 VAT included

Bag made with hand-woven fabric in traditional loom with linen and recycled rubber strips in our workshop, coming from bicycle inner tubes. With metal clasp, vintage lining, brown felt handles and inside pocket.

Width: 32 cm.

Height: 25 cm. Depth: 5 cm.

Handles: 14 cm.

Weight: 300 gr.

Composition: linen, rubber and rayon.


A handbag is a fetish object for countless women. Karl Lagerfeld said, “Luxury handbags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence and show your neighbors that you’re doing well.” We share the essence of this phrase although we believe that the idea of luxury has a different meaning for each person.


For us, luxury in a bag is, obviously, in its functionality (that it fits inside everything you need) in its aesthetics (that you love it and that it combines perfectly with the clothes you wear) and that it is a unique piece, handmade and represents the values you stand for.


And for you to judge and decide we inform you that this bag is woven by hand on a loom, as the fabrics were woven in the old days, with linen and bicycle inner tube rubber, a thousand times patched, that we clean, cut and prepare to be able to weave. That the felt we use for the lining, the zipper and the handles comes from an old tailor’s shop (closed last century) and that it came into our hands by chance. That the fabric of the inside pocket belongs to our vintage fabric collection. And that we carefully chose an iridescent rayon to give a touch of color in the geometric pattern that is interspersed between the strips of rubber and that, in weaving, is known as “way of roses”.


If none of this matters to you, but you love the bag, don’t hesitate to carry it, because it is unique.


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