Alpaca poncho

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Striped alpaca poncho in charcoal gray and ecru. Finished with ecru trim. Lined. With a pocket .

One size

Weight: 341 gr.

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The poncho is a garment that combines with almost everything. Try it with a mini-dress and high boots, with a long skirt playing with different layers, with jeans showing off the ankles…


Depending on its size, use it as a coat, as a jacket or as a substitute for a scarf over one shoulder.


It has a certain something that makes it unique: it is comfortable, it leaves your arms free, it is stylish, it moves around you and it is warm… and if it is made of alpaca, I can’t even tell you.


Because alpaca, which is the hair of alpacas, is adapted to the extreme and changing climatic conditions of South America: sun, heat, wind and cold.

Alpaca fibers are like super-thin air tubes, which gives them an excellent insulating capacity that is up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. This means that, no matter how thin and light the fabric is, it is warm.

It also does not contain lanolin which makes it a good choice if you have an intolerance to sheep’s wool.


This poncho is designed to give the same use you would give to a warm jacket but with a different style. It is woven with charcoal gray and ecru alpaca and as the ecru predominates over the gray we have finished it with an ecru trim. And, as we are eminently practical, it has a hidden pocket in one of the seams for whatever you may need.