Linen tablecloth

Tablecloth woven in low-warp loom with ecru linen and hand-dyed with indigo and Shibori techniques.

Dimensions: 110 x 125 cm

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We have woven this tablecloth with natural linen fiber. We have prepared the loom with 1250 threads, threading each of them in the heddle stitches, and also in the comb, which, in addition to serving to bring each pass of linen closer to the previous one, helps us to distribute all these threads equally across the width of the fabric.

When we finished weaving, cutting and finishing, we washed it by hand with ecological soap and left it to dry in the shade waiting for the moment to dye it.

When that moment approaches, we prepare it for dyeing by applying shibori, which is an ancient dyeing technique, born in Japan in the seventh century, which means to tighten, tie, twist, it is to reserve certain areas of the fabric to prevent them from being dyed.

In the washing and dyeing area of our workshop we have the pots to put on the fire, controlled temperatures, times and mixtures (on this occasion we have used natural indigo extracted from the indigofera tinctorum plant). and immerse it in that bath until it reaches the tone we are looking for. Once this process is finished, we rinse the piece by hand until the water comes out clean, a sign that it will not fade, and then we wash it again.

And the result is this: a background that is marked by small white spots.

One of its charms is that the blue color is not regular, flat and homogeneous, but varies through a wide range of shades that are distributed anarchically. And another of the singularities is that the white spots are perfect squares of the same size that, in pairs, are distributed on the blue surface symmetrically with respect to a longitudinal axis.

As you can see it is a long and slow process that is worth it because it is a unique piece.

And… what about touch?