Linen and bamboo tablecloth

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Rectangular tablecloth hand-woven in low-warp loom with sand-colored linen and white bamboo forming regular stripes of 1.5 cm.

Dimensions: 110 x 315 cm

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Rectangular tablecloth for long tables (3.15 m on the longest side) in neutral tones, which enhance the contrast of the natural shine of the bamboo with the matte tone of the linen.

This unique piece, which is hand-woven on a low-warp artisan loom, combines two spectacular textile fibers of vegetable origin: linen in its natural color and with its fresh, breathable and pleasant to the touch and sight characteristics, with bamboo, ecological, biodegradable and naturally bactericidal. Both are pest-resistant fibers that do not require fertilizers or pesticides.

The minimalism of its finishes is specifically intended to highlight the characteristics of the materials, and you won’t see them if we don’t tell you about it.

If you look at the headers you will see some small bangs in the air that, although they do not look like it, are finished and secured one by one with needle and patience (1200 threads on each side). The sides change, there are no bangs because it is not a cut piece of fabric, but it is mounted on the loom so that this is its final width and this means that you have to weave taking care of the tension of the weft so that the selvedges are homogeneous and it is a pleasure to see them.

The stripes also have their own special feature: there are two colors, so we work with two shuttles (each one with one of the materials) that alternate. And since we decided to make them of the same thickness along the entire length of the tablecloth, when weaving we were very careful to always make the same number of passes, because the slightest mistake (one pass too many or too few) draws the attention of the less attentive eye.

Its size evokes those long tables that host family meals, or gatherings of friends where the after-dinner meal is extended to join the dinner.

If you like it in the pictures, wait until you hold it in your hands, it will be by far the protagonist of the meeting: whatever you put on it, its elegant presence will make your friends touch it sooner or later and ask you something about it. Don’t tell them the whole truth, they won’t be able to resist.

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