Wool blanket

Hand-woven blanket for sofa or bed made of merino wool in anthracite gray and pearl gray with red trim. Dimensions: 180 x 190 cm

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Merino wool blanket that combines two shades of gray, the anthracite color of the background and the pearl, which is distributed on half of its surface with parallel lines.

If you look at the hand-knotted bangs of the blanket, you can get an idea of the type of wool with which it is woven: a merino wool with a light twist that leaves strands of varying thickness along each thread. This is evident in the fabric, with a fluid and irregular texture, which, beyond the color, is its main characteristic.

The non-fringed sides are highlighted with a red trim finished with a knot that adds a note of optimism and vitality to the whole piece.

Its size is ideal to curl up on the couch alone or in company and let yourself be carried away by a good read or an exciting movie. To give your bedroom a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Or spread it out on the floor and have an endless play session like in those free and carefree afternoons of your childhood.