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Small Japanese-inspired handbag, which can be carried comfortably hanging from the wrist and has enough capacity to carry the essentials and a little more. Diameter of 30 cm

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Sometimes (most of the time) we weave the fabrics thinking about the piece we are going to make with them, it is important to adapt the materials and the characteristics of the fabric to the use it will have, the most important thing apart from the aesthetic issue. Other times it is the fabric that tells you what to do with it. And that is what has happened in this case: woven with cotton and linen, already from the loom it cried out for us to follow the line of Japanese inspiration to make a bag.

And so we made a small (but not so small) bag that hangs from the wrist by a strip of the same fabric leaving the hand free; that empty hardly takes up space, and that full changes its circular appearance because the weight slightly deforms its structure.

To get the two colors, ecru and blue, to intermingle and merge in fine lines we had to weave with the two materials at the same time, which slows down the work, but the result is worth it.

We have lined the inside with a fine checkered fabric in blue and ecru tones, it has a snap closure and no inside pocket, because it is the pocket that sometimes you are missing: inside it fits your wallet, phone, keys and more, and you don’t have to leave it leaning anywhere because it neither weighs nor gets in the way.


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