Mohair shawl

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Wide mohair and alpaca shawl handwoven on a loom in toasted and brown tones, very light and warm. Dimensions: 80 x 208 cm (plus bangs)

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This shawl is lovely and warm, the moment you wrap yourself in it you will be surprised by its lightness and you will immediately notice how warm it is. This is because it is hand-knitted with mohair and alpaca, two light, resistant and warm fibers.

That’s why we have allowed ourselves to give it an unusual width in the pieces we knit, because you will be able to wear it without hardly noticing its weight and store it in a cloth bag, reducing its volume, without taking up space in your closet or suitcase. In addition, you will not need to iron it when you take it out of its packaging: a few minutes will be enough for it to take in air and regain its shape. You can wash it by hand but remember: do not iron it.

To achieve such a light piece you need two things: the first is to have a super light material with a lot of volume and the second is to weave it respecting the spaces it needs. The bulk of the material lies in the “hair” that floats around the central thread, which is beautiful, but a problem for the person who weaves it, because it tangles and hinders the threading processes when assembling on the loom, that is solved with patience. The space it needs is given when weaving if you approach the weft passes just the right space and no more: this is done with technique and dedication (if you squeeze it, it will clump up and will no longer be tasty or light).

We tied the bangs because the fabric had to be held in place, otherwise… and let them flow free so that they can float around you when you move around with it on.


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