Linen dress

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Linen dress made with hand-woven fabric in handmade loom dyed with indigo using shibori techniques. It has straps that tie at the neck and back and allow it to be adjusted to different sizes.

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In September we got down to work on an idea that we had been thinking about for a long time: to make a series of beautiful, comfortable, flattering dresses, wearable on formal and informal occasions and that, with a one-size-fits-all design, could be used by women of different styles, bodies and ages.


We made prototypes, tests, corrections, new prototypes, new tests… and here are our proposals.


The first decision we made, and the one that took us the least time, was the material to use: It’s a summer dress and we are knitters so how could we not opt for linen!


Its characteristics make it ideal for summer clothing: it is resistant and durable, lightweight, elegant, breathable and comfortable, has antibacterial and fungicidal properties and neutralizes unpleasant odors. It is easy to wash, it can be ironed, it is fresh, hypoallergenic, pleasant to the skin and we love to weave it on the loom.


Like all our pieces, the fabric of this dress is hand-woven in traditional loom, for this we have used a warp of 10 linen threads per centimeter, and linen weft of the same quality that, after weaving and washing, we have hand-dyed with indigo using the Japanese technique of Shibori.


It will not shrink when you wash it because we have already washed it, by hand and with organic soap, which is what we recommend you do when it is yours and iron it when it is still a little damp.


The straps are adjusted by the traditional method of tying at the height you need, so you can adjust the depth of the neckline in the way that best suits you and you can let the fabric fall free or tie it with the matching ribbon at the point you want: under the chest, at the waist, on the hips… with a loop in the hair or around the neck like a light scarf.


Each of the techniques we have used makes the dress a unique piece and combined they make it unrepeatable.


And how can you use it? When are you going to wear it?



If you are going to spend the day touring a city because you are sightseeing or shopping… wear your dress, comfortable shoes and sun protection.

If you are going to have a drink with your friends at night and you are wearing it, bring a comfortable bag and a scarf in case it cools down.

If you go with him to the beach: a sarong, flip-flops and more sun protection.

If you are going to a celebration … complement it with beautiful shoes and a black silk shawl.


You may think we are repeating ourselves, but we see you with him in all these situations and more.


If you like it, just think about which color suits you best.




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