110,00 VAT included

Handbag made with hand-woven fabric in traditional linen loom, jute handles, zipper closure and inside pocket.

Measures 28 x 28 x 12 cm.


There are bags of all kinds and for all occasions: day bags, classic bags, evening bags, party bags, beach bags, work bags…


This would be, without any doubt, an all-rounder bag, with a classic shape that combines its aesthetic function with its utility: you can carry your house and car keys, wallet, phone, purse, tissues, emergency make-up, agenda and a few other things.


To meet all these requirements it is designed with simple and linear shapes, the rectangular base is made of jute fabric that gives it rigidity and stability and combines with the handles of the same material that are strong and comfortable.


Its interior is lined and has a pocket for those little things we want to keep close at hand.


It closes with a zipper that when fully opened allows you to locate at a glance everything you are carrying.


The outer fabric is hand-woven on our looms with linen, combining the colors ochre and chocolate.


We’ve found the ideal shape, size and materials for the bag you’ll be using the most this season.